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Suffering from a bad credit rating?


Are past financial mistakes holding you back?

Canít secure a mobile phone contract no matter how many suppliers you apply with?

Are you about to throw in the towel?


There is hope...

And that hope comes in the form of a phone contract that you may not have heard of before - a bad credit mobile phone contract! Now, notwithstanding your credit rating, whether you are insolvent or your finances are just poor, you can secure a mobile phone contract, despite the fact that you might have received constant rejection from high-street suppliers or other phone contract companies.

We live in tough financial times!

This is something we understand, of that there is no doubt. Over the past five years, we see more and more people who are struggling financially. With households to run, children to look after and bills to pay, money needs to be stretched much further than ever before. And this situation is unlikely to get any better in the near future, in fact, with Brexit, many economists predict dire times for the citizens of the United Kingdom, especially over the next two years.

Already, many people are suffering from bad credit ratings and this number will only just increase significantly. But what does this mean? People just donít realize the implications of missing contract or loan payments and believe me, the consequences are huge.

Perhaps the main problem is the fact that your credit rating suffers. Let it go low enough and you can forget about getting any form of a bank loan or even purchasing something on higher purchase. And that brand new mobile phone that you have been eyeing? Even something that will only cost you a small amount of money per month will not be available to you.

In fact, if you already suffer from a bad credit rating, the chances are that you know exactly what I am talking about and you might have been rejected for a contract numerous times already not just by one service provider but many.

Donít despair Ė there is hope for you and thousands like you!

Bad credit mobile phones are the answer

At Next Phones, we strongly follow the belief that everyone should have access to a mobile phone, particularly a smartphone. Think of a businessman away on a business meeting. What would he do if he was not able to receive work emails? What about a student studying for exams? Take their mobile phone away and you remove a massive research tool.

These are just small examples but what they do show is how critical mobile phones have become over the past decade. And if you have a bad credit rating, why should you miss out?

Thatís where we come in. With a range of mobile phones, including top of the range smartphones as well as budget varieties, no matter your financial situation, we can secure not only a handset that will suit you but a contract that wonít put you under any financial pressure whatsoever.

A wide range of handsets

So what can you expect handset wise?

Well, believe it or not, we offer top of the range smartphones, including the newly released iPhone 7 as well as the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy range, the S7. These phones however, are not for everyone. Each and every person that applies for a contract will be given a phone that they can afford and not one that will put them in even more financial difficulty. We understand everybody wants the latest mobile phone, but what is the point if you cannot pay for it every month and eventually it is reclaimed from you? That said, certain people, even with their bad credit ratings might earn enough to be eligible for one of these handsets. The chances are that if you can afford it, you will have to pay a large deposit at the start of the contract. This will be returned to you on its completion.

Other handsets include many other older models from Samsung and Apple, for example, the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy 5. These phones are still very capable models and the beauty herein lies in the fact that they are a far cheaper contract offer. Cheaper still are a range of budget handsets that have made their way into the United Kingdom over the past year. For someone wanting a smartphone at the cheapest monthly option, these simply are your best choice. Rest assured, although they might be slightly down in terms of processing power as well as onboard memory, they can perform all the tasks expected of them including social media, sending and receiving mail, playing music as well as taking above average photographs to name a few. These phones really have all the necessary features that you would expect from your mobile phone in todayís day and age but perhaps their greatest advantage is the fact that they are available on relatively cheap contract options.

Applying for a bad credit phone contract

Nothing could be simpler really. There are a number of ways that you can apply. Either come to our offices and fill in an application form or request one via email, fill it in and send it back to us. We require a few other documents to complete the application process, however. This includes proof of identification, proof of your physical address where you live, proof of income (here we require three monthsí worth of wage slips) and finally bank statements for the last three months (for us to work out your income and expenditure).

The application process is extremely quick. Once we have the relevant documents, we will inform you in a couple of hours whether you have been successful or not. If successful, we will present you with a range of contract options and handsets to choose from. Make your decision and you can have your new handset as soon as you come and sign the final documents. If you live elsewhere in the United Kingdom, we can courier it to you overnight.

So even if you suffer from a bad credit rating, there is a bad credit mobile phones contract solution for you! Please note however, you need to be older than eighteen years of age and be a citizen of the United Kingdom to qualify for a bad credit mobile phone contract.