About us

A few years ago, mobile phones were a gimmick! Sure everybody wanted one, especially to keep in touch with family and friends or to send the occasional text message but in truth, they were most certainly not a necessity and often only used by a few members of each household.

Oh how things have changed with the advent of smartphones! Now everybody wants one of these incredible pieces of technology and it is not difficult to understand why to be honest. Mobile phones have developed at a phenomenal rate in the last decade and smartphones in particular help in more ways than we care to imagine.

Just think about it. Need the phone number for your local barber or hairdresser? How do you find it? Google it on your smartphone of course. Got a job interview in the next town and not sure exactly where the office the interview will be held in is located? How do you find it? By using your GPS system on your phone of course. Or perhaps you love various forms of social media. How do you interact with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Your smartphone of course. Did you know that smartphones have also become the major device that people use to get their dose of the daily news? No longer is it television or radio, it is the smartphone. For this reason, many of the newspapers throughout the United Kingdom have released apps that allow users to read the newspaper through their smartphone.

See what we mean… how did we ever live without a smartphone? In fact, just think about how you use your phone on a daily basis. And when you leave it at home by accident, don’t you feel lost without it?

And at Next Phones we have been at the forefront of the mobile phone market since their inception and their availability to the general public. Of late and in particular the past two years, we have expanded our business model to include bad credit mobile phones. Why have we done this? Well, we truly believe that a mobile phone, and a smartphone in particular, should be made available to anyone who wants one. And how is the best way to get your hands on a smartphone if you do not have the necessary cash to purchase one outright? Well, a mobile phone contract of course!

For this reason, no matter what your credit rating, we have a bad credit mobile phone contract for you. Our team of experts know everything there is to know, not only about the mobile phone business but in particular the bad credit mobile phone business. These well-trained individuals can guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you not only secure a handset that will do everything that you need and expect but also that it will not lead you to even deeper financial difficulty than you are already in.

In other words, we ensure that our contracts are the most affordable you will find in the United Kingdom. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any queries about mobile phones or bad credit mobile phone contracts in particular.