The iPhone 7 – should I upgrade?

As with all Apple products, the iPhone 7 was released with great fanfare at the beginning of September. Now there is no doubt that Apple makes incredible products. From the very first iPod, they have revolutionized the way we approach gadgets in the 21st century. But is the iPhone 7 everything it is cracked up to be? Is it necessary to upgrade straight away from an iPhone 6s if you are able to of course? Let’s take a closer look.

New features

Well, the first place to start would be the new features of the Apple iPhone 7 that older models obviously do not have. Of course, the most talked about of these is the fact that the phone does not feature a headphone jack. This makes the new earbuds wireless, which in our view is pretty cool. Is it a game changer? Probably not. Although the fact that you don’t have wires to contend with anymore and although this may be extremely cool, it is not a necessity.

We have dealt with the wires of our earbuds fitting into previous iPhones since they came on the market. Actually, each person has their own unique way of dealing with the wires – my personal favourite is to put it on the inside of my clothes and let the earbuds come up through the collar of my shirt. This even works if you are an avid runner and keeps the wires out of your way. Speaking of running, I can definitely see how the wireless earbuds would appeal to the active amongst us that require musical accompaniment while we exercise.

What about dust resistance? Nifty, yes! A necessity, certainly not, unless you live in a saw mill or perhaps a desert. Is this a technological revolution? Not really in my book. But water resistance is cool, right? Yes, I would go along with that. Having some form of water resistance is great on any phone, no less one that would have cost lots of dollars to fix if it was to receive water damage in some way.

And what about the internal systems? The iPhone 7 comes with the brand new Apple A10 Fusion processor which promises to be faster than anything the company has released to this point. Many people are raving about this processor but in reality, although it is faster than the one found in the iPhone 6s, it still isn’t a tremendous improvement. Is it a reason to upgrade? In my book, probably not!


Many Apple heads were hoping for something completely new in terms of design for the iPhone 7. Unfortunately, they will be disappointed. The iPhone 7 has not received too many major design changes, in fact, we had to be told what they were before we even noticed. The biggest change is the fact that the iPhone 7 has lost the antennae bulges that feature on the iPhone 6s. Not really that much of a difference in my book. It is available in a range of colours however, building on from the gold, rose gold (or pink to normal people) and silver the 6s was available in. Apple has added space gray as well as two options in black – matt and gloss. Now as a lover of different coloured phones, I for one am happy with more choice. It is hardly a game changer, however.

As for the screen, strangely enough, Apple have not changed a thing. Both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 feature a 4.7-inch display that offers 1334 x 750 resolution. This is still not on par with the Samsung Galaxy S7 or even the HTC 10.

So should you upgrade?

Well, I am going to sit on the fence here. It really is up to you. Yes, there are some handy new features on the iPhone 7 but they are not game breaking. In my book, it comes down to whether you can afford it or not as the iPhone 7 is significantly more expensive than its older sibling. At the end of the day, can you afford it?